Students and adult volunteers take over the library. Why? To play bridge!

Welcome to New England Youth Bridge

New England Youth Bridge, Inc. is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization devoted to helping young people learn to play contract bridge, the world's most popular card game.

New England Youth Bridge charges no fees for helping youth; volunteers are motivated solely by the pleasure of passing along the enjoyment of bridge to a younger generation.

Why Should Young People Learn to Play Bridge?

Bridge is fun and it's a great activity for young and old. More details.

How Can I Help My School Start a Bridge Club?

If you would like to motivate a school to start a bridge club, you're the most important person to get things started. More details.

How Can New England Youth Bridge Help a School Start and Sustain a Bridge Club?

New England Youth Bridge offers services and materials to help a school bridge club. More details.